My passion for the Ruffed Grouse
and the American Woodcock....

 Tim Flanigan, Grouse Whisperer, listens carefully
Ruffed Grouse Insulated Against Cold- photo by Timothy Flanigan
 Grouse Shoes - photo by Debbie Flanigan
Ruffed Grouse Thunder King - photo by Timothy Flanigan
 Grouse Tail Collage - photo by Timothy Flanigan
 Tim Flanigan listens carefully during a rare opportunity.

     The Pennsylvania State Bird has long held a fascination for me. I have pursued this wonderful essence of wildness for most of my life, either behind a fine bird dog or more often with a camera. Decades of research and personal observation inspires me to share my love for this bird through photography and natural history education with any audience that will listen. I am pleased to announce the publication of my book "Grouse & Woodcock ~ The Birds Of My Life", published by Wild River Press and available for purchase at 

Wild River Press

      Wild River Press  announces new books to be published for 2018. Nature Exposure owner Tim Flanigan's new book,
"Grouse &  Woodcock: The Birds of My Life" will be among them.
"Guess what Tim has written for Wild River Press? Yep, the book on grouse and woodcock that only Tim Flanigan could write and illustrate with his own eye-popping photography", says publisher Tom Pero. He continues, "Those incredible drumming grouse pictures in A Passion  For Grouse? Flanigan's".
Timberdoodle - photo by Timothy Flanigan at Nature Exposure
Worm for Lunch - photo by Timothy Flanigan at Nature Exposure
Preening Woodcock - photo by Timothy Flanigan at Nature Exposure


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